Exploring the Artistic Exhibitions of Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ is a city that offers a wide range of artistic exhibitions for art lovers to explore. From solo exhibitions to juried shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) is hosting a variety of exhibitions, including an annual exhibition showcasing artwork by Shemer instructors, students, and staff, as well as a juried exhibition open to Arizona artists. Additionally, three former residents of the Scottsdale Creates Residency program at Scottsdale Livery are exhibiting their works.

Visitors can also explore the biographies, stories, and works of the featured artists in the Phoenix Art Museum collection. The SMoCA is also hosting an immersive installation by the Turkish artist Refik Anadol. This installation uses light, sound and technology to create a three-dimensional kinetic and architectural space. Squidsoup has also returned to SmoCA with a site-specific work of art that uses a networked data system to connect hundreds of light and audio sources, creating a swarm of responsive data throughout the museum. The SMoCA is also hosting an exhibition for two people featuring watercolors and sculptures inspired by John Erwin and Kimberly Harris' Mediterranean travels. In collaboration with six secondary schools, students attended monthly workshops taught by professional artists, toured universities, and participated in the exhibitions offered by SMoCA. The SMoCA is also hosting a juried exhibition that presents works by Arizona artists that highlight the geometric patterns that appear in mathematics, science, textiles and nature, created in all media.

The exhibition and sale will take place from November 10 to December 31 for the benefit of the regional art community and the RMAC Foundation. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale is presenting Nkame, a solo exhibition by the late Cuban engraver Belkis Ayón (1967-199). This exhibition presents the multiple ways in which we, as users, interact with a work of art and the response or result that the work of art provides in return. Jenea Sanchez and Gabriela Muñoz are participating in a fundamental commitment to the SmoCA Collection, a first in the history of the Museum. A solo exhibition presents ceramic and monoprint works of art created by Sandra Luehrsen that show landscapes with natural and fantastic botanical elements. This is the first solo exhibition at a museum by the artist of Brazilian origin that presents her dynamic installations, interior and exterior sculptures, and works on paper. Scottsdale's museums and research centers offer something for everyone.

By exploring these exhibitions, visitors can gain insight into how art can be used to define art in the public sphere by creating creative venues, exclusive cultural events, exhibitions, and installations that contribute to the creative, cultural, and economic vitality of the community.

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