Exploring the Rich History of Scottsdale's Museums and Research Centers

Scottsdale, Arizona is a city of contrasts, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the desert in the morning and explore some of the country's best contemporary art museums in the afternoon. But what many don't know is that this city is also home to a rich history that dates back 13,000 years. The Arizona State Museum, established in 1893, is the largest and oldest anthropological research center in the southwestern United States and provides an exceptional resource for studying, teaching, and appreciating the region's long history. The museum is located at the western end of the Scottsdale Civic Center, near Brown and Main, in Old Town Scottsdale.

It houses extensive collections that are open to the public through content-rich exhibits, visits with teachers, online and in-person programs, masterclasses, travel experiences, and a library and research archives. The museum also provides insight into the region's ancient and enduring indigenous cultures. Currently, there are 22 federally recognized native nations with ancestral and reserve lands in Arizona, including the O'odham and Easter Yaqui. The Arizona State Museum is an invaluable resource for learning about the history of Scottsdale and its surrounding areas. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the region's 13,000 years of human history through its collections and programs.

Visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the area's culture and heritage by visiting the museum or participating in one of its many events. The Arizona State Museum is an important part of Scottsdale's history and culture. It provides an invaluable resource for learning about the region's past and present. Whether you're looking to discover more about the area's ancient cultures or just want to learn more about Scottsdale's history, a visit to the Arizona State Museum is sure to be an enlightening experience.

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