Exploring Interactive Exhibits in Scottsdale, AZ - A Guide for Art and Nature Lovers

Are you looking for an exciting way to explore art and events in Scottsdale, AZ? From the Phoenix Art Museum to the Ice Cream Museum, there are plenty of interactive exhibits to discover. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center, and Scottsdale Public Art are divisions of Scottsdale Arts that offer a wide range of exhibitions and programs. Whether you're interested in Western art or the border experience, there's something for everyone. At the Phoenix Art Museum, visitors need a ticket to explore art and events.

Book online to avoid the lines or visit the main entrance lobby to purchase tickets. Members and children can visit for free. The Ice Cream Museum is a similar concept that has emerged in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, as it has sold out shows and attracted celebrities. The museum is also connected to a luxury car dealership, where Porches, Ferraris, Bentleys, and other recognizable sports cars are on display. The first solo exhibition in the United States by the artist Luis Alfonso Villalobos presents paintings, videos and installations that open an investigation into the functions of architecture and art.

Museum members enjoy quick registration, free tickets to many events, exclusive access to exhibition openings and special experiences, discounts at the museum store and the Palette restaurant. Jenea Sanchez and Gabriela Muñoz will participate in a fundamental commitment to the SmoCA Collection. The second exhibition in the innovative Architecture + Art series by SMoCA was attended by the duo Annie Han and Dan Mihalyo. Make the most of your visit with interactive, meaningful, and fun art experiences. An exhibition of international designers who place environmental concerns and sustainability at the center of their process invites visitors to participate in different activities. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taliesin West was built as a winter retreat for Wright and his family.

This is the first solo exhibition at a museum by Brazilian-born artist Belkis Ayón (1967-199), who produced an extraordinary work fundamental to the history of contemporary engraving. Composed of large-scale photographs, this exhibition takes viewers on an amazing journey through landscapes in the western United States. Scottsdale Arts offers something for everyone - from art lovers to nature enthusiasts. Whether you're interested in exploring Western art or discovering new exhibitions at SMoCA that use various forms of language to critically examine the region's richness and diversity, there are plenty of things to do in Scottsdale to keep you busy. Make sure to take advantage of all that Scottsdale Arts has to offer!.

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