Unlock the Wonders of Photography at the Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum is a renowned art museum in the United States, offering international exhibitions of the world's best works of art. Through a historic partnership with the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, the museum presents three annual photography exhibitions to its community, drawn from the CCP's unparalleled collection of historic and contemporary photographs. The museum's collection is vast and varied, ranging from iconic fashion to paintings by old masters, contemporary photography and historical objects from Asia. With more than 20,000 objects, the collection is spread all over the world and brings the world to our city and our city to the world.

In total, there are more than eight million archival objects in the Center's collection, including negatives, impressions of works, contact sheets, albums, scrapbooks, correspondence, writings, audiovisual materials, and objects of interest. As a subsidiary of the Smithsonian and featuring award-winning architectural and landscape design, the museum provides an exceptionally unique setting that showcases the beauty and history of the American West. The Center opened its doors in 1975 after a meeting between university president John Schaefer and Ansel Adams. The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona is recognized as one of the best academic art museums and centers for studying the history of photography in the world. Its combined art, archive, and research collections provide an unparalleled resource for research, exhibitions, loans, and traveling exhibitions. In addition to comprehensive archival collections, the Center also actively acquires individual photographs from modern and contemporary photographers. Visit Phoenix Art Museum to explore its vast collection of photographs from around the world.

Uncover a world of beauty and history through its exhibitions and collections. Experience a unique setting that showcases the beauty and history of American West.

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